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Meet the Instructor  –  Virginia

I love to sew! My passion started back when I was a young girl in my home country of Argentina. I grew up watching my mother design and sew dresses and as an adult I became interested in many French and Italian designers.  Sewing is second nature to me and so I decided to teach it to my local community.  My husband and I opened a small studio to begin this new business enterprise and later on expanded to a larger setting to accommodate the growing demand.  We continue to teach to our local community and provide special classes for those coming from other states or countries.  We’ve had many students that were seeking to expand their sewing knowledge or build their sewing business that have taken our courses with successful results.  Our business has grown from word-of-mouth which speaks volume to the quality of our teachings and the ability to work according to each student’s individual pace.

In light of our studio success with our local students we now have the opportunity to share our courses globally thru our Online Sewing School.  We have created a series of Bikini & Swimsuit video courses where I will guide you step-by-step just the same as my one-on-one studio class.  This is our most popular course series with our local community and no available to you online!

Your Sewing Business

Start a Home Business or open a sewing studio for your local community.  We provide the Bikini & Swimsuit courses that will give you the knowledge and advantage that very few have acquired.  This is a unique opportunity to showcase your passion and craft and also make money while at it.

If you are ready to take the plunge into this industry then start learning to sew today!

Virginia Martinez

Virginia Martinez

Sewing Instructor

I love sharing my knowledge of sewing garments
and hope that you find these course beneficial
for personal and professional use.

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