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Course:  Swimsuit with Fabric & Lining
Who Should  Sign Up?
  • Entrepreneurs looking for an independent business path
  • Beginners new to the intricate workings of a sewing machine
  • Beginners who never sewed before
  • Experienced sewers looking to expand their sewing skills
  • Anyone interested in learning to sew bikinis and swimsuits

Start sewing your own custom-fit Swimsuit with this online course today!

This is an easy step-by-step course that will guide you from the start to successfully completing your own personalized Swimsuit garment.  It is favored amongst our local sewing students and is now available for you online.  This course is designed with every detail in mind so that your success is optimal.  Whether this is a one-time purchase (download) or you are a Member with unlimited access, You will be empower you to design your own Swimsuit garments now and in the future.

Personalize your look and take control of your fashion style

This is a technically focused and all inclusive Swimsuit sewing course with a  9-video series and total 45 minutes of video time.  You work at your own pace with full video features – the control is at your finger-tips.  As a Bonus we included our Essentials Sewing Principles with 40 minutes of bonus video time – FOR FREE!  The slides include brief written descriptions to help follow along the instructor’s verbal teachings – in case you missed it!  We also include printable sheets of 4 different pattern sizes so you are ready to start the course as soon as you download!

We encourage you to visit Course Outline and Course Materials tabs above for detailed information on what you will be learning.

Customers that have purchased the Swimsuit course have also purchased the Bikini Top & Bottom courses.  We offer a couple of styles to compliment the our Swimsuits.

Each lesson includes a short video tutorial with detailed explanation on the various topics.  The total viewing time for the Essential Sewing Principles (Part I) is 40 minutes and the Swimsuit with Fabric & Lining Course (Part II) is 45 minutes.

Part I:  Essential Sewing Principles

Lesson 01.    Introduction:  Meet the Instructor
A quick introduction to the Swimsuit with Fabric & Lining Course.

Lesson 02.    Essentials:  Fabrics
Learn the different types of lycra fabrics commonly used for swimwear and their properties such as right or wrong side.

Lesson 03.    Essentials:  Sewing Tools
We review all of the tools that you will be using for this course and offer suggestions to improve your sewing experience.

Lesson 04.    Essentials:  Sewing Machines
Learn which machines are used for sewing swimwear.

Lesson 05.  Essentials:  Machine Stitches
In this lesson we will demonstrate the different types of stitches used to sew swimwear.

Lesson 06.  Essentials:  Hand Stitches
We will discuss several hand stitch methods which are very important for each specific style.

Lesson 07.  Essentials:  Elastics
A lesson in the different elastics that will be used in this and many of our other courses.  We show you how to use an elastic ‘foot’ for the sewing machine and which are the correct sewing machine settings.

Part II:  Swimsuit with Fabric & Lining

Lesson 001.  How to Cut the Fabric
Learn how to cut the lycra fabric and lining fabric.

Lesson 002.  Overlock Crotch & Cup Holder
Start sewing your fabrics together and prepare the cup holder using the correct machine settings

Lesson 003.  Cup Holder Application
Learn how to Baste the cup holder and swimsuit sides.

Lesson 004.  Elastic Gathered On the Back
Prepare the back side fabric to create the gathering using elastic application.

Lesson 005.  Assembling the Fabrics
Start assembly of the fabric and lining together.

Lesson 006.  Elastic Application
In this video we show you the correct sewing machine settings for proper elastic application.

Lesson 007.  Connect the Shoulders
Insert the shoulders together to match the fabrics and prepare for basting.

Lesson 008.  Finish the Sides Seams
Learn the process to sew the sides together.

Lesson 009.  Swimsuit Completion
Finishing touches to complete the Swimsuit with Fabric & Lining.

Supplies needed to complete the Swimsuit with Fabric & Lining course:

  • Swimsuit Pattern, Free printable file with your paid course or membership subscription.
  • Lycra fabric:  1-1/2 yard (140 CM).
  • Lining fabric:  1-1/2 yard (140 CM).
  • Clear elastic.
  • Elastic foot applicator (for sewing machine).
  • Straight and Over Lock style sewing machine.

Items above will be explained in detail in our Essential Sewing Principles.  This is a bonus course we have included for FREE with your course purchase or membership subscription.

List of sewing tools.  These are explained in a video included with your course:

  • Rulers, Tape Measure
  • Scissors
  • Rotary Cutters
  • Cutting Mat
  • Pins
  • Transparent Paper and Pencil
  • Seam Ripper
  • Loop Turner
  • Bodkin
The sky’s the limit!  With your good sense of style you will create a unique and stylish Swimsuit that is sure to impress your friends, family and clients.  This Swimsuit course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of creating a Swimsuit with Fabric & Lining that can be customized to 4 different sizes.   You can get as creative as you want and choose colorful patterned lycra fabrics with mixed & matched patterns.  Once you’ve learned the skills of sewing your own Swimsuit you will never need to purchase from a store again.

This is an excellent opportunity to combine your creative flare with your sewing skills and create beautiful Swimsuit garments that are professionally finished.

You will learn to …

  • Create your personalized Swimsuit with Fabric & Lining from scratch!
  • Learn the correct settings for the sewing machine.
  • Take control of your design and create unique styles and combinations.
  • Master your sewing skills and transform fabrics into custom-fitted swimsuit garments.

We encourage you to review the Course Outline and Course Materials tabs above for additional details on this course.

Now, get ready to take your Swimsuit sewing knowledge to the next level.

Gallery of Student Projects

Bikini Triangle Top and String Style Bottom with Fabric & Lining

By Chen

Bikini Triangle Top and String Style Bottom with Fabric & Lining

By Miriam

Bikini Gathered Top and Basic Style Bottom with Single Fabric

By Leslie

Swimsuit Single Fabric

By Jessica

Bikini Gather Top and Basic Style Bottom with Single Fabric

By Ingrid

Bikini Triangle Top and Basic Style Bottom with Reversible Sides

By Christina

Bikini Triangle Top and String Style Bottom with Fabric & Lining

By Margaret

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Bonus : Essential Sewing Principles, a FREE intro series included with your Swimsuit with Fabric & Lining Course.  A value of $15.99 and 40 minutes of video content.

Garment patterns are included with each course.  Choose your size; Extra Small, Small, Medium or Large.  Then print, trim and you are ready to start.

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