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We have the best online learning course covering everything that you need to know in order to design and create bikinis. Our proven teaching methods are essentially converted into digital format to be able to reach everyone around the world. You will learn through our video tutorial, Descriptive info-graphics, and step-by-step course guide. You will feel as if we are right there with you the entire time. As a bonus, you will also receive one on one coaching through online voice/video conference. With the basic tools in your hands and the knowledge from us, you will be creating beautiful Bikinis in no time.

We have been in the garment industry for a very long time. From designing our own clothing to the actual creation, we have knowledge on every aspect of clothing. We have plenty of experience with all types of materials and know the little tricks that you need to get that perfect piece your looking for. Our local sewing studio in Miami, Fl is a perfect one on one learning enviornment but there are so many people who cannot make it to our classes just because they live to far. This is why we created Sewing School Online. We want to reach all of those who have the interest and drive to be clothing creators.